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Obviously, your first step is to have your website created.  As we discussed, republicservices.com has a good flow and organization that we can duplicate for you, using your imagery, content, etc.  In addition to the $50/month package ($250 design/setup) listed here.  We understand that your site also needs to include:

  • not only translation to Spanish, but a Spanish-specific landing page for those specific searches
  • testimonials (controlled by the Just Dump It staff)
  • online service request form (provided by JDI team)
  • geared toward residential, but a commercial section as well
Buzzhive also suggests that you solidify your local online authority at the time of your site going live by owning the local, Google approved business directories for Just Dump It.  This is a one time fee of $350, you can read more about that here.
For the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VV_4OBrnobg), this can be created for $400.

Today’s Payment: $1,000

$50/month ongoing


Design Setup Deposit…$250
Local Online Directories…$350 (one time)
Video Creation…$400 (one time)

Local Directory Intake Form

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