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Simple Pricing for Simple Social Media


once a week
  • Customer provided content optimized and posted once a week


twice a week
  • Customer provided content optimized and posted twice a week


four times a week
  • Customer provided content optimized and posted four times a week – 3 weekday and 1 weekend posts


every day of the month
  • Customer provided content optimized and posted every day

The pricing above for Buzzhive Marketing’s social media management is based on content being provided at least 5 days prior to posting, allowing for proper optimization time and research.  

Need Content Created?

If you are looking for content creation, Buzzhive Marketing can help by creating highly relevant, researched, professionally written content for you to you blog and then multiply that single post into multiple social media postings.

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Looking for Paid Social Media Advertising?

There is no denying, if you want to be seen quickly by the most people, paid advertisements will boost your awareness.  This, of course, does not constitute a full marketing campaign, but can definitely add the boost you need to grow your following.

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A la Carte Local Visibility & Social Media Options

Save up to $100 when you bundle these accounts together!

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